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Today you could have the beautiful business website you've always wanted (written in HTML5 and CSS3, it looks great in all devices: desktop, mobile, laptop, etc.) with inbuilt SEO and all the 7 recommended ancillary pages (Contact Us, Privacy Policy, ToS, Help, Disclaimer, Bespoke 404 Error Page, About Us) which show Google and the other search engines that you mean business.

How is this possible? Because over 95% of any website's cost goes into paying for time spent while not working and inefficient content commissioning.

Getting a website our way means that you get the highest quality specification built-in, together with the lowest cost combination. We guarantee you'll not be able to find a better quality website for anything like this amount of money, anywhere in the world. This is a 100% UK service.

The design behind each and every Strongsites website is of the highest quality, using the latest techniques and coding for a perfect finish. But because of the way the site is commissioned it costs only £67 instead of £700 or more. You don't pay hundreds for in-house coders' down-time while they're twiddling their thumbs!



Your website will be SEO optimised throughout both its content and structure. Just to show you what is meant by a site being responsive in all devices, compare the way this web page looks on your smartphone with the way it looks in a desktop computer or laptop. In particular, look at how the size and scale of the image above grows and contracts according to the size of the screen it's viewed in. It automatically fits whatever device is used to view it. Now imagine if your entire website looked that good. Quite beautiful!

We have a long history of successful website design, going back to 2002, and we constantly incorporate the latest techniques into what we produce for our clients. So that is the kind of website that you are getting here for a tiny fraction of the cost!

Your new website will be optimized around the main keyword phrase, which will also be in the title tags and embedded in other meta tags for SEO purposes. Your main keyword phrase is essentially the same as the search term that people will use when looking for your own products or service and typing that search term into a search engine. This is the most important stage of the whole web design process, as far as the future success your site is concerned.

Most of the time and effort that goes into an average website goes into creating its content; it is this content creation that is truly time-intensive yet most web development professionals do this inefficiently. (Also most web designers don't get much work, so they have to charge for all the time they are effectively redundant: it's the uneasy truth!) But in the case of Strongsites websites the content is sourced from specialist writers who are also SEOs. They have experience in writing content specifically for websites, with an eye on writing for the search engines as well; they are well-versed in such things as H1 and H2 tags, with alt tags, keyword density and other SEO matters. Your site's content, as well as its SEO, is in extremely good hands.



You also need to choose which type of footer you want for your website. For technical reasons we have to display that alternative footer on a different page (as the coding in the body part of the page itself, as well as in the header section, needs to be different). So click here to go to the Appearance page which has more about your choice of footers as well as the latest news on your site's appearance options, as we develop these. There's also a link there so that you come back to this page.


Domain Names

The domain name is the name of your website, and it is important that you have the right one which reflects the nature of your business and the location where you work. I'll do the necessary keyword research and advise on the best domain name for your site at no extra cost. (I have a book called How To Choose Your Best Domain Name on Amazon here, but I've written a free PDF version which you can download by right-clicking here and saving it to your computer.) Have a read of that and it will explain more fully the reasoning behind getting the best domain name for your site.

A bit confusing ? Yes, it must be confusing to people who are new to this (but please download my PDF guide first of all, which tells you what you should look for). I promise to guide you to your best possible solution for the lowest possible price.



So to be clear: for £67 you will get an 8 page business website consisting of one main content page and the seven ancillary pages. The main page will consist of at least 500 words of top quality unique content, together with any images that are relevant to your business or the theme of your site (please supply only very good quality digital images for this purpose).

The ancillary pages are all fully written with details about your new site, and also contain legally mandatory sections. Some of these pages will require editing to your own requirements (for various legal compliance requirements, etc.) and where this is necessary it is made very clear. This only requires small edits, and you can edit this yourself easily with an editor which is provided free of charge.

The seven additional (ancillary) pages show search engines that you are a serious online enterprise, and having these extra pages will usually mean that your site will enjoy a slightly better ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPS) than websites without these pages, everything else being equal.

I've been in the SEO and web design and hosting business for over 20 years now. I know where to source top quality products and services at industry-insider prices, and that includes special discounts available for hosting (see below for more details about hosting).



Extra Content Pages

Some people have asked me about creating extra main content pages which can each be supplied with their own main keyword embeded in each case (each page is unique and optimised in this way), which otherwise contain no text and which are therefore ready to have the content supplied for them. Do I supply such a service? Yes; we have a unique system for creating a large number of unique HTML web pages and these will be ideally suited to complement this system.

Each of these pages is unique and optimized with each page's keyword phrase in the URL (the web address), the H1 and H2 tags, the title meta tag as well as the description and keywords meta tags. Pages can be created in this way from a list of keyword phrases supplied by the client.

The cost of 10 main content pages (at £1.90 per page) is £19.

The cost of 20 main content pages (at £1.50 per page) is £30.

If you need more than 20 main content pages then you probably have the kind of business, or want the type of website, which needs a full content management system (CMS) such as a Wordpress blog or an ecommerce setup like Shopify or Woocommerce, In such cases this can be set up easily from your hosting account, and a link will be supplied from the home page of your static website (the one you're getting here) to your blog or ecommerce installation. Let us know if you would like this kind of installation for your website.

Only a minority of our clients have wanted extra main content pages, and these extra pages have had such titles as Our Services, Company History, Our Team, Product Features, Pressroom & Media Section (to download a media pack), Export Opportunities, Creche Facilities, Affiliate Programme and Car Parking.

However, most clients find that the seven ancillary pages are sufficient for their needs, and these seven pages can be expanded to whatever is necessary to describe business resources or to accommodate whatever needs to be said to customers or suppliers.

***If you think you will need the extra content pages in future, but don't know at the moment what they should be called, then by all means order the extra content pages to be on the safe side (I will call them 'Content1', 'Content2', etc.), and you can use the editor (which is supplied) to easily search-and-replace these with their own keyword phrases once you know what these will be called. But please state this when ordering: in the absence of a title for each page they will be supplied using the 'Content1', 'Content2' designation by default.***



Main Content Written by Us and Supplied

The basic website we will build for you comes with one main page supplied with content and images about your business. Writing the content for this main page is included in the £67 price.

For the majority of small businesses, a website with one main page of content is sufficient to get the message across and will look great and perform well in getting you new business. But some businesses require more than one main page of content. You may want a website with two main pages of content, or three main pages of content, and so on.

We can supply the content for further main pages at £35 per page. We would obviously need to be guided by your own judgment as to what these pages would be about. You know your own business, so tell us about what you would like written and we'll write it for you, nicely optimised for the web.

Any images you supply (by all means you should supply as many images as you like) should be high quality digital format, and we will incorporate these into your site's pages naturally and in a logical sequence, based on the subject matter of each page.

Writing web content is what takes the time when building a website, so you should allow three or four days per main page for the content to be written. I have personally written the content for over 300 websites, so I'm highly experienced at this.

It is very often the case that clients cannot decide at the outset how many main pages of content they want, which is why we don't include this in the Paypal buttons in the payment section below. Once you've decided on the number of main pages you'd like us to write content for, let us have all the information and images (in high quality digital format) and send this amount to our Paypal email address. Sometimes our clients don't decide this until two or three days after ordering the main (basic, one main page) website. You can pay for this written content by using our Paypal email address


Special Offer: Free Keyword Research for Your Website's Domain Name

For a trial period I'm going to be providing free keyword research. Let me know the nature of your business or your occupation, and the name of your town or city, and I'll do any necessary keyword research (including competition analysis) and availability checks to determine the best domain name for your business. You can then proceed to use this for your new website.

For your free keyword research and domain name, enter the relevant information in the fields below.


I'll get back to you as soon as possible with the optimum name for your website.


How To Order

Ordering your new website is an easy 3 step process. You should also read the Terms of Service Agreement at this stage.

Step 1. You should first complete your payment by using one of the Paypal buttons below.

VAT at the standard rate of 20% will be calculated and addded automatically during the payment process.

Payment of £67 for Strongsites Website


Payment of £86 for Strongsites Website with 10 Extra Content Pages


Payment of £97 for Strongsites Website with 20 Extra Content Pages

Step 2. Complete your name and email address in the boxes below. In a few seconds you will get a welcome email from me. That email contains a list of things we need to know in order to make a start on the keyword research necessary for your website. Please let me have as much relevant information as possible, and I will begin the keyword research.


I will write to you about your choice of domain names, so that you can select the one you prefer for your new website.

I will need to pre-configure the website with the URL and main keyword, both of which are then embedded throughout all the pages of the site.

Once the structure and keywords of the website are decided I will send you the entire site, together with the CSS folder (which is necessary to be uploaded to the same folder on the server) in a zip file.

Step 3. Read the Hosting section below. Decide which hosting service you would like. I have been sure to recommend only top value-for-money hosting services which are very high quality but competitively priced. If you still cannot decide then send me an email.





Every website needs hosting. We have a number of hosting options including special reduced "wholesale" priced hosting plans at $3.95 a month (reduced from $7.99 a month). All hosting options feature technical support 24/7. Please note that all prices are given in the currency of the hosting company and that the prices quoted here are our own discounted prices which may be lower than the published prices on the websites of those services when viewed outside of our own hyperlinks.

For good quality standard business hosting we recommend Bluehost which includes round-the-clock technical support. The reduced rate of $3.95 a month applies at the time of writing, but hurry as this will not last.

We were also very impressed with SiteGround hosting, who were judged to have the best 24/7 technical support in 2019 by They are superb value for money, starting at £2.95 a month, reduced from £8.95 (note that this is in Pounds Sterling while the others are in USD).

For the absolute top quality business hosting then we recommend Inmotion Hosting. Their servers are twice as fast as Bluehost's, and when you contact InMotion's Technical Support you will get a true expert who is highly qualified and passionate about their own field of expertise. InMotion Hosting came top out of the 20 best hosting services in a survey carried out by in 2019. TechRadar Pro, the business IT consultancy, also judged InMotion to be the top web hosting service in 2019, concluding that "the best web hosting provider right now overall is InMotion hosting". Their Business Hosting starts at $5.99 a month (reduced from $7.99 a month).

When you open a hosting account with InMotion or Bluehost you will also get a free domain name as part of the package, so you don't have to register one separately. That is not the case with Siteground. But if you opt for a domain name you can get one at for 99p (at the time of writing).

Full disclosure: all of the links above are affiliate links and the hosting companies will pay us a commission on all hosting accounts which we recommend to our clients, which is why we can sell our websites so cheaply. Having said that, all hosting companies have affiliate programs and we would recommend Bluehost, SiteGround and InMotion anyway. In fact, we use both Bluehost and InMotion ourselves because of their value for money and excellent technical support. This is why we can truly recommend Bluehost and InMotion to anyone else, and because of the reasons we have given above which differentiate between these hosting companies in terms of quality, and all their competitors in the web hosting industry. We have also received amazing reports about SiteGround, both from industry insiders in the form of comparative surveys and from personal contacts including our own clients, although we have never used them ourselves for our own websites. Siteground's hosting starts at £2.95 a month (reduced from £8.95 a month) when you use our link.

If you have any questions then just send an email to and I wil do my best to answer them.

Thank you!

Peter Laws
Website Developer and SEO










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