The Personality of Your New Website can be Transformed with a Different Footer


This is the exciting part: the impact that your business will make on those who see it is through your website, and this impact and the personality of your website is actually derived from only two or three elements.

Perhaps surprisingly, the website's footer has a huge influence on the whole personality of your website. Compare the grey, businesslike and rather sombre footer of the main page before (click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the footer) with the much more exciting action-red footer of the present page.

Now scroll down to the bottom of this page and see what a difference this footer makes to the whole website.

Consider these two footers. Which one would you choose for your own site?

The grey, sober footer of the main page (back here) is more suited to businesses such as accountancy and the traditional professions, tutors of all descriptions and dependable, office-based occupations. On the other hand, the action-red footer on this page is of the kind more used by service industries which have a call-out function. It has a main Call to Action in the very prominent phone number right there hitting you in the face. The coding has been set up so that, when viewed on a mobile phone, the user just needs to tap the number and the smartphone will automatically dial the number (assuming that the user's phone has this capability).

The action-red footer is used by plumbers, glaziers, certain types of building contractor, water engineers and any sector involved in sudden emergency jobs.

Of course, you don't have to be an emergency type businesss in order to opt for the action-red footer. You can have it for your business just because it looks so good!

Please remember, when sending us your email order after your payment, to specify what kind of footer you'd like; it's there as part of the description checklist. A bit more information is required with an action-red footer, such as your hours of business and any emergency 24 hour phone number. You also have plenty of space to enter testimonials from satisfied customers, and these will rotate automatically as the site is viewed, a different testimonial showing every few seconds. For more on this, see the section below called 'The Action-Red Footer'.



We are constantly developing this service to include better things for our customers, all at the same low price. In the near future we will be offering a number of graphic image display sequences for your website, which will include such things as image carousel rotators.



Your website will be secure: Your website will automatically come with a secure certificate by default (with the coveted "https" before the domain name instead or the ordinary "http") if you choose one of our recommended hosting services. Websites with this secure designation will enjoy a better ranking in the search engine results pages, everything else being equal. This should not surprise us, as Google had been telling us this for some time! So that is the reason that your site must have this secure SSL certificate.

Web pages which load quickly also have a much higher chance of being on the first page of Google results. It's tedious for anyone to wait and wait while a web page loads, and we all know how boring it is when this happens. The chances are that if it takes too long we will just click away and look somewhere else. Google knows this, and so rewards fast loading pages with better ranking results as well (which they've also been telling us for some time). That's why we put extra effort into ensuring that all our pages load quickly.

There are lots of things that we do to ensure that your website reaches the first page of the Google search results. Of course, nobody can guarantee that this happens. But if you've been involved in search engine optimization (SEO) as we have since 2002, then you can be sure that you're in good hands. We know the major metrics that Google considers when ranking websites and individual web pages, and we make sure that these are all covered when we build sites for our clients.



The Action-Red Footer

Below is the action-red page footer. It differs from the regular footer (see the footer on our home page, the page you were previously on) in that it stands out more and has your contact phone number prominently at the footer's head.

If you choose this format we will put this footer on all pages as it contains important contact information and also contains navigation to all pages in the website, which is important for SEO purposes. Included in the footer is a testimonials section, where you can enter into the page script any testimonials and recommendations that your customers or clients have made about you. These will then display automatically as rotating messages in a sequence.

Now you've seen what we can do for your business. Naturally your website will reflect your business achievements and aspirations. It will be a unique showcase of what you can provide for your present and future customers and clients and should get you steady customers who will come back to you again and again for a lifetime's work. A good website can change your life: we will give you that website, but for only a fraction of the normal cost. Make your purchase now, as this is a special price and won't last for long. Click here to return to the main page you were on to complete your order.

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